Friday, October 29, 2010

Big Boo Rama

Raegan and I went to the trick-or-treating event downtown this afternoon. Zane opted to go to the skating party for sixth graders (can't go to a dance until next year - thank God!), so it was some fun mommy-daughter time for us girls! Zane got some candy that he didn't even have to work for, and there were a few bags of teddy grahams in there, so Raegan even gets something! :)

It was hard to buckle her in her carseat with all of the fluff at the bottom of her costume!

So happy to stop by and see Granny at work!

Unimpressed Raegan

This not for my head - this is for chewing!!

Raegan was a bit skeptical of actually getting to take candy....

but when she realized what it was, it was a different story! (I didn't let her eat it, but holding it kept her happy. Don't judge me! lol)

Ooooh, now what am I getting?!

I'm done! Take me home Mama!!!!