Saturday, October 16, 2010

New things every day.

First up, I just want to mention that these cookies that I blogged about baking a couple days ago are not that good. They're adorable, but the cookie is a little bland. I think they would be a lot better if I made the cookies from scratch instead of a cake mix. Just felt like I had to point this out, so that no one made them on my recommendation. lol

Alright, on to Raegan. Her language is just expanding by leaps and bounds. She now says "uh oh" (but it still comes out more of a "uh uh" when she drops things, or does something that needs an "uh oh". She has said "tee tee" when she's seen Radar several times now, and my mom swears she said something that sounded like "dayz" when she saw Daisy today. Mom, we are working on "Granny", I promise! :) Raegan loves to go to the top of the stairs when Luke is downstairs and yell, "Hey! Dada!" down until he yells back up at her. She doesn't do this hardly at all for Zane and I, but almost every time Luke goes downstairs. I'm hoping that she either learns the sign for more or learns to say more soon, because the whining for food is increasing quite a bit.

Speaking of which, it seems like Raegan eats constantly! She's still a very healthy eater, preferring fruits and veggies to meat. I told my mom today I thought maybe that's why she needs to eat so frequently - she doesn't eat foods that are very filling. Refried beans and cheese on a tortilla are still her number one favorite food, closely followed by ANY fruit. People are always so surprised when I tell them Raegan likes foods like olives and beans and salsa. Yay for a non-picky eater!

Raegan is walking a lot - she can do up to 9 or 10 steps at a time now. She's even turned and headed a different direction in mid walk before. She'll still drop down to the ground if it's taking her too long to get where she wants, but she's not falling down nearly as much.

As for Zane, he finished his fall soccer season today. It seems like that season went by really quickly, but it was 6 weeks just like they've always been. We weren't too impressed with his soccer coach, and we're thinking about going to Salina Soccer Club in the spring so that Zane doesn't end up with her again. Salina Soccer Club is a lot more of a financial investment though, so we'll see. He's decided he doesn't want to play basketball, and just focus on soccer now. I would say that soccer is where his talent is much more so than basketball, so I think this was a good choice.

Zane's parent teacher conference is this Thursday. We pretty much already know what we're going to hear, because we can check his grades online.(As of last Monday he was sitting at 5 A's and 3 B's, unless something changed significantly last week. He has over a 100% in band thanks to getting points for not using his hall passes. Up until a week ago, he had over a 100% in science too. How awesome is that?!) It will be good to talk to one of his teachers though (in middle school we only talk to one teacher instead of all 8 of them, thank goodness!) and find out how he's doing on organization and behavior. This will be the first conference Zane has attended, so that should be interesting with his mom there too.

Tomorrow we're headed to Sunny Side Pumpkin Patch. I'm excited to take Raegan for the first time, so I hope it's not too busy!

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Just Passing Through said...

We went to the Sunnyside website and it looks like a whole lot of fun. Tell Zane to eat a hot dog for Granny - enjoy the day!!!!