Sunday, October 3, 2010

Wichita Zoo

Today was a perfect day to go to the zoo. It was about 65 and sunny, with very little wind. We made it there by a little after 10:00, and brought sandwiches so we wouldn't have to worry about paying for overpriced food so that Raegan didn't have a complete meltdown.

Listening to different amphibian sounds

This one penguin kept swimming right up to the glass, like he wanted to take a look at the map in Zane's hand, so Zane let him have a look.

I have this exact same picture of Zane from when him and I went when he was 7 or 8. I should compare sometime.

In the rainforest

The otters were also very friendly and kept coming up to the glass.


At the new tiger exhibit

Why do primates always look so pouty when they aren't moving around?

We've never seen a bear come so close before. It was awesome!

We've also never seen a bear actually play with the ball that's always in the water.

What do you suppose they were all looking at? There's wasn't anything in the sky above us. I looked, and then felt kind of silly for looking.


Riding on the wooden horse at the petting zoo

Zane milking a "cow"

Zane and Raegan at the end of the day

Raegan did such a good job today! She fussed quite a bit in the car on the way up, and ended up sleeping for about 30 minutes before we got there, but she didn't cry once at the zoo. When we stopped in a picnic area to eat lunch, two very friendly geese came within a foot of us trying to get a handout. I was a little freaked out, because I remember the not-so-friendly geese we had when I was growing up. These guys were easily shooed by the stroller, but they kept coming back. The fun fact that Zane and I learned today was that there is no actual breed called a panther. That's just the name people use for black jaguars or leopards. Did not know that.


Just Passing Through said...

I did NOT know that about panthers - very interesting!
Those little critters looking up were playing headgames with you. I've seen people do that - look up at nothing just to see how many people they could get to look up too. You were played, Shannon!

Claire Emma Miller said...

I've never seen a boy so in love with his little sister. he just seems to radiate joy when he's next to her :D

Olivia Arlene said...

Great pictures! I love the zoo in the Fall or Spring when it's not too hot or cold :-)

I didn't know that about panthers either! Interesting.