Thursday, October 21, 2010

Zane's fall conference

Zane's parent teacher conference went very well tonight. Middle school is a lot different that elementary school, because he has 8 teachers now instead of just one (plus specials and reading) so I wasn't really sure how the conference would go. The teacher that's assigned to do conferences with us is Zane's social studies teacher. It's kind of strange that he talks about the other classes too, because he knew about the subject matter but wasn't always sure what the assignments in the folders meant, but it worked fine. I would rather not have to go around to 8 different teachers, I'll tell you that!

Mr. E. told us multiple times that Zane is very organized in his class. Woo hoo! After such a struggle last year to get him to turn things in, he appears to be doing much better. Well, not in art, where he had multiple NHIs (Not Handed In), but in the other 7 subjects yes. Luke and I both feel (and I think Zane's mom does too based on what she was saying to Zane) that it's a bit ridiculous that Zane has a B because of not handing in his work in an elective that he chose to take. If it were a B based on his work, fine. But in looking at his grades on assignments, it appears that his B is solely because he had maaaaaany assignments he didn't hand in. We've always told Zane we expect A's and B's because he is intelligent and perfectly capable of that. :)

So Zane has 6 A's and two B's. And two of those A's were 100%, and another was a 99%!!!! Awesome! So far, middle school seems to be going well for him, and we are very proud of him!!!!!

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