Friday, October 22, 2010

Give me my privacy!

Raegan loves shutting herself in her room to play (or get into things she shouldn't be!) It used to be that if she shut herself in she would cry because she didn't like being alone, but now she loooooves it. Preview of years to come perhaps? :)

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Just Passing Through said...

I think that need for time away from the world is inherited. Your dad and I are both that way. I LOVE working with the public but I also desperately need my alone time every day to refuel my battery. I used to drive my parents nuts because they didn't understand my need to shut myself in my room and read or write or listen to music. Maybe since she is in daycare and you guys are going so much, that is Raegan's way to come back to center. Actually I think it's really healthy when a child can entertain themself instead of needing constant attention.