Saturday, February 16, 2013

Raegan's Parent Teacher Conference

We had Raegan's conference earlier this week, and she is doing awesome in school. She recognizes numbers 1-10 consistently (and is starting to name 11 and 12, just confuses the two sometimes). She counts to 39, and can pattern and count objects. She recognizes and produces rhyming words, and is starting to do sound boxes (where she gets a box filled with objects that start with one of three letter sounds - she has to match the objects to the letter they start with). Her teacher expects her to be done with those by the end of this school year. She said that she is very bright and inquisitive and she loves the practical life activities (pouring, fine motor with tongs and tweezers, cracking nuts, etc) and folding towels. :) She's made friends, especially some of the boys her age, and Ms. Sherry said she likes to pick a different boy to follow around every day. She watches him do an activity (because there's only one of each activity in Montessori rooms) and as soon as he's done, she chooses it next. :) I'm not surprised, because of how much she adores her big brother.

And she's still not even 3 1/2! She might be the youngest one when she finally goes to kindergarten, but I'm fairly certain she will be the smartest! :)

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