Sunday, February 3, 2013

My 30!

So after spending a million years (no, literally, a million years) on these collages, I can finally show off the 30 pieces that I picked for my 30 for 30 remix. I may never do this challenge again, just for the hassle of making collages. It's obviously been awhile since I've been on Picasa, because I could NOT get it figured out. And it's ridiculously simple to navigate, so that just irritates me. Bah.

***And upon further inspection, all of the lovely brand descriptors that I put in all of my collages are absent, except for in the shoe collage. It's almost 10:30 p.m., so I give up. You get what you get. :)

7 pairs of shoes. Seriously, I could have easily bumped this up to 8. When I started my list last week, the first thing I wrote at the top of my paper was "shoes". I have a shoe problem. To me, shoes are what makes an outfit, and I wanted to have a lot of variety. Obviously, I have two types of shoes that I wear: boots and flats. My whole shoe collection is basically these two types. These grey booties are the only true heels I own (although I do have a pair of black wedges and a brown wedge sandal). I have never really learned how to walk well in heels. Plus, I tend to go 90 to nothing when I'm running around the hallways at work, and you just can't do that in heels. :)

7 pairs of pants. The black pair all the way to the left are actually leggings, and the pair under that are denim trousers. The khakis may end up switched out for something else if I get far enough into the month and haven't worn them. I really like wearing them more in the spring with colored sandals. The purple skinnies are a new addition to my closet, and I am totally in love with them. Why have I not jumped on the colored jeans bandwagon sooner? When this challenge is over, I am on the hunt for a coral pair for spring.

2 sweaters, 2 cardigans, a cropped denim jacket and a chambray shirt. I have been pinning different ways to wear a chambray shirt like CRAZY over on Pinterest, trying to come up with some new ideas for this little guy. I wasn't sure about adding the polka dot sweater because I don't think it's very versatile, but it's also new, and by the time March rolls around, there may not be many sweater wearing days left. Same for the cheetah print sweatshirt. Not super work friendly. It will probably show up on the weekends. 

One skirt and two dresses. I haven't worn this skirt since August, so we'll see how it goes mixing it back in. I am in love with both of the dresses. The grey one has to go with leggings because it is waaaay to short for tights. At least for work. The blue one cuts it close on the too short for work standard, but I pass it off. I just don't wear it on days I have children.

7 shirts. My poor picture taking skills really show up in these pictures. I love how the flash leaves all these dirty looking spots on some of the darker clothes. :S The teal-ish colored sweater and the striped with the foil flower have been in my closet for some time, but I seriously love them both so much. The polka dot and the red and white striped are both pretty new. If I could have a closet full of polka dot or striped clothing, I would be so happy. So in love with both of those trends. 

If all of my cool captions would have saved like I thought they had, you would see that I have a serious obsession with Maurices. :) It's a problem.

Super excited to start tomorrow. We actually do not have children tomorrow because of massive plumbing issues in our building, so I can really play around with something I would normally be afraid to wear on a Monday (read: anything white!)


kim! said...

I have a lot to say about this but I have been fighting with my computer for like 4 hours and have to go to bed! (WTF COLLAGES. I have never had this much technology strife in my life, picasa fail).

but, in summary, WAY. TO. GO. I am so proud of you. and since my captions DID save, you can see that I have a serious issue buying all my clothes at loft.

Shannon said...

I suspect that I would have a huge Gap and Loft problem if we had either store here. It's probably a good thing that I don't live in a big city. :)