Thursday, September 29, 2011

Writer's Workshop - 9/29/11

So after an endless number of weeks of forgetting, I'm finally getting around to doing another Writer's Workshop. I rather like the topic that I picked a lot. It made for a nice daydream, at least.

4.) 10 things you would do if you didn’t have to work.

So my first question is this: Am I not working because we've won the lottery, or because my husband's salary magically doubles so that my income isn't necessary anymore? Because each scenario lends itself to different answers. If we suddenly became wealthy, one of the things I would do is travel. A lot. I would take the kids to see the world. And I would also take some trips on my own, or with just me and my husband. I love going to new places, and I just don't get to do it nearly as often as I would like. Therefore, if Raegan wants to study abroad when she is in college someday, we will make it happen. Totally.

I'm guessing that I probably need to think of what I would do if we were still the same financially, but I didn't *have* to work anymore. So what would I do?

1. Spend a loooooot of one on one time with Raegan. Do lots of fingerpainting and playdough and jumping on the trampoline.

2. Take a nap at least once a week. Naps...... mmmmm.......

3. Do a LOT of baking and try out new recipes all the time. I love to cook so very much, and I wish I had more time to do what I would like to do in the kitchen. I would like to get into some more in depth, difficult recipes, but I just never seem to have the time. I would also like to make every single recipe that I've pinned so far on my Pinterest. Check it out. There are some pretty tasty recipes on my Food board.

4. Going along with #3, I would also start up my own business that had something to do with baking. My mom and I were talking about running a bed and breakfast, with me doing all the baking and cooking. How totally fun would that be?

5. Be thin. I was going to the gym at least 5 times a week this summer because I would go as soon as Luke got home from work. I'm guessing that my inability to do this anymore has something to do with the fact that I'm just a few pounds from my goal, but unable to budge the scale.

6. Do all the crafts that I want to do. I started a Burlap Wreath on Sunday and all I've managed to do so far is wrap the wreath in burlap and get the loops on. I would love to take up sewing, and get back into crocheting again. It was always such a relaxing hobby for me.

7. READ!!!!! I don't get to read nearly enough, and I love it so very much. I would make it a priority to spend at least one naptime of Raegan's a week reading. (After I penciled in my own napping day, of course.)

And honestly, I really can't think of anything else. I feel like my life is pretty balanced the way it is. There are things that I would really like to have time to do more frequently, and I would love more than anything to stay home with Raegan, but I think things are pretty good the way they are. I'll let you all know if a miracle occurs and I do get to stay home. That way you know when to come by and sample treats. ;)

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