Sunday, September 18, 2011

Our Sunday Afternoon

This morning after church I took Raegan to Walmart with me to pick up some various odds and ends. I've been meaning for weeks now to buy her some paint, because we have yet to do any painting at home. (She has gotten to a few times at daycare, so that's something at least!) I wasn't impressed with the one type of finger paint that Walmart offered (or perhaps I should say I wasn't impressed with the price!) so I'm going to hunt down my homemade finger paint recipe at work this week. In the meantime, I bought watercolors.

Raegan started hounding me about painting as soon as we got home, but I was mean!mommeeee! and told her she had to wait until after her nap. Smart girly is smart, because she started hounding me about painting again the second she was done with snack. I didn't get any pictures of her painting (which she absolutely adored every second of) because I didn't think to grab the camera beforehand, and I was not about to leave her alone with paint. However, here is the finished result:

Masterpiece deserving of a frame!

After painting, Raegan wanted to do playdough for awhile, and then color with crayons. (Actually, she wanted to paint again, but I said once was enough for today.) So after our Afternoon of Art, we went out in the backyard to play. It was a beautiful afternoon to be outside!

I let Raegan play in her water table for awhile, because it wasn't too terribly chilly out.

I love when she makes thoughtful faces at me!

Radar discovered a squirrel on the side of the tree and thought he was going to panther stalk it. It was really funny to watch him slink across the backyard.

When I told Raegan that Radar was trying to eat a squirrel, she got super concerned and went running over to tell him no. :)

A little pat for the disappointed kitty.

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Seeing Through New Eyes said...

I truly think that is THE most beautiful painting I have ever seen!