Sunday, September 18, 2011

Go Me!

I don't know if you all remember my plan that I posted about in here last month. I just wanted to update, because I'm so totally pleased with my self control with my credit card! :)

I've been using my Old Navy card to get gift certificates to use in store. The deal was that you had to buy groceries, gas or dining out to get the triple points. Every!single!time I've used my card for one of those things, I've instantly gone to the ATM and pulled out cash to put in an envelope to go towards the credit card bill. We just got the bill yesterday, and it was insanely big. Like, I would never have that much on a store credit card. Ever. But I had every single penny of it covered with the money I had been setting into the envelope. AND, we got a $10 gift certificate with the bill, thanks to how many points we racked up with our purchases. Pretty sweet.

The triple points deal continues through the end of the month, so I'm hoping to get at least $5 more in gift certificates before it's over. Now that I've proven to myself that I can handle a rewards credit card responsibly, I'm contemplating signing up for the rewards card that gives you an extra 5 cents off per gallon at Kwik Shop gas pumps. I already get pretty good savings by using my Dillon's plus card, but who doesn't want to save as much as possible on gas these days? :)

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Seeing Through New Eyes said...

Money saving tip: recycling aluminum can really add up. When your dad was unemployed I walked the ditches out here. And aluminum is higher now.