Saturday, September 24, 2011


I took Raegan to the parade downtown this morning. The last time I took her to a parade was for the county fair last August. Now that she's so much older I figured she would enjoy it a lot more. (I was right!) At first she was a little hesitant about waving to the people in the parade, but as it went on she really started getting into it. She was especially excited the first time someone threw candy to us. CAN-EE!!!

Eating some crackers and waiting for the parade to start

She was excited because the marching band and twirlers were coming down the street



This was Raegan's favorite part of the parade. She kept yelling "Donkey!" and laughing! It was too cute!


Seeing Through New Eyes said...

So so sorry that we didn't get your message - it would have been fun just to watch her instead of the parade.

Olivia said...

Parades are so fun with little ones :)