Saturday, January 8, 2011

Six Word Saturday

Oooh, I found another writing prompt blog that I may (or may not) start participating in regularly. The trick for me is remembering that I want to do it weekly. haha It's called Six Word Saturday, and the point is to describe your life/day/something in a phrase of just six words. It's a good challenge for me, because I like to write. And talk. So here goes. My 6WS for today is:

Learning to parent a headstrong toddler.

I would say that's pretty self-explanatory, wouldn't you? :)


Becca said...

Welcome to this meme, I love it!

Parenting any age child who is headstrong seems like it would be difficult! I can't even handle my dog, let alone a human!

Linda said...

Yes...Parenting can be challenging. (:>) But kids are so worth it! I have 11 grandkids now, and they are all sweet blessings to me...and yes, some of them are more headstrong than others. Hang in there..and God Bless!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

kathew said...

good luck
god bless
and smile