Sunday, January 30, 2011

No New Years Resolutions

We all know that most people break their New Years resolutions. I always do. Mine are always the same vague resolutions every year - I'm going to lose x number of pounds, I'm going to organize this room and that, so on and so forth. So I decided this year instead of making big sweeping goals, I was going to set smaller, monthly goals. My goals for last month were:

January's Goals
* Start Zane's college account
* Look into refinancing my student loans
* Put $x in our vacation fund
* Start going through basement closet
* Go through Raegan's clothes and sort out items that are too small
* Give clothes back to Olivia
* Change out the picture frame in the living room

I'm happy to note that there's one day left in the month of January, and I have accomplished every one of the goals I set for myself this month. Zane has a college account, and we have a plan for putting aside money for it monthly. I looked into refinancing my student loans, and decided that I didn't want to stretch my loan out even longer, so I'm going to stay with the one I have. I transfered money into our savings account specifically for our vacation this summer. I started going through the basement closet. It's not finished but I consolidated several boxes and only have a few more to go through. I cleaned out Raegan's drawers, and gave my mom the bag of clothes to get back to Olivia. (Thanks again Olivia - you saved us a TON of money last year!) And just today I picked up pictures at Wal-mart and put them into our big frame in the living room. So with all of this success, I decided to make myself another list for the month of February. All things that need to be done, but not too many so that I (hopefully) won't feel overwhelmed.

February's Goals
* Put $x in our vacation fund
* Switch car loan over to GPFCU (for a lower interest rate)
*Pay off Luke's credit card
* File our tax return
*Clean out Zane's drawers and closet and get rid of all clothing that's too small
*Mail Zane's registration for Salina Soccer Club
*Make my eye doctor appointment
*Clean out and straighten up my cookbook drawer in the kitchen
*Go to the gym/do a real workout on the Wii Fit four times a week

The last goal is something that I just kind of said outloud to myself over Christmas Break that I would like to get in the habit of. I didn't formally commit it to paper last month, but I managed to get to the gym four (and sometimes five!) times a week all month, except for last week, when I went three times and did the Wii Fit for 30 minutes one other day.

So I'll check back in at the end of February and let you know how I did. Some of them are easy (mail Zane's soccer registration - I'm just waiting on Luke to get it notarized) and doing our tax return is a given. It's just a matter of cracking down and doing it - taking five minutes away from everything else I have going on to get some important things done. Wish me luck!

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Olivia Arlene said...

Wow, way to go! and you are more than welcome :) I'm glad the clothes worked out!