Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I got an award! :)

I'm being lazy (or I could be positive and say that I'm just caught up in going back to work after a long break) so I haven't really figured out my picture loading situation yet. Apparently my choices are either purchase more room or delete pictures off my blog. I have some pictures I want to post, so I guess I better figure it out pretty soon....

So in the mean time, a post that doesn't require me to have media storage space on Blogger. I got an blogger award! I feel like I'm a real blogger that a lot of people read, or something. :) Samantha over at A Bad Romance gave the Honest Scrap award to me.So here's how it works. I have to give five facts about myself, then pick five bloggers who I feel write from the heart to pass the award on to.

My facts are as follows:

1. I hate writing with pencils. If I do write with a pencil, it needs to be perfectly sharp. Writing with a dull pencil literally makes me want saw my fingers off. Ew, I'm shuddering just thinking about it.

2. Okay, one more fact to illustrate the fact that I am obviously a freak. I hate hair. I think hair is disgusting. Not hair, like on your head hair. Loose hair. I gag (not for drama, I seriously cannot control it) everytime I see loose hair. There was a squirrels' nest outside on our playground at work last month and it had fur and hair and leaves and I just about lost my mind.

3. I love reading the Harry Potter series. (Hmmm, to some people I'm probably still highlighting the fact that I'm a freak. lol) I've read the whole series through multiple times, and my favorites (Goblet of Fire and Deathly Hallows) too many to count. I only discovered this series in 2006, so I was too late for all but the last book release, but Zane and I still enjoyed that one by going to the midnight release of the book with him dressed up as Ron. It was awesome.

4. One of my big dreams is to open my own bakery/catering business/mail order food business someday. I love to bake SO much, and I would love to be able to do it for a living. When we lived in Manhattan I sold baked goods at the farmer's market there for a while, but there were a coupe big baking booths that made it hard for me to get going.

5. And since this is for being someone who blogs from the heart, I feel like I should toss in a serious one. I have polycystic ovarian syndrome, also known as PCOS. It's actually a pretty common thing in women, and I know several women that have it to varying degrees. Because of my PCOS, Luke and I had to seek out fertility treatment to get pregnant. We were absolutely blessed by God in that it only took us 7 months (with 4 months assisted by a specialist) to get pregnant, but for some women it takes years, or it never happens. We were also very blessed to not have to go very far up the ladder of treatment options, so it did not cost us nearly as much as it does some people. I've been thinking about blogging about it sometime soon, but for now you can click on the link I provided if you don't know very much about it. You probably know at least one woman who has some degree of PCOS.

Okay, now for the people I nominate:

1. Claire at Claire Emma Miller. This isn't actually the blog of hers that I read where she calls it like she sees it, but I'm linking that one so you can check out the fabulous crafts that she does.

2. Tabatha at Onederful Tabatha blogs about being okay with doing things by herself, and not feeling like she always has to surround herself with people. It's a good concept!

3. My mom Ruth at For Here We Have No Continuing City. She writes from the heart (just like everything she does) but mainly I'm doing this so she will update her blog already!

4. Olivia at Olivia's Family Blog. I admire what a wonderful job she does as a stay-at-home mom to four children. Talk about strength!

5. Beth at Baby Song's First Blog. Again, not the blog of hers I read where she's real, but I don't want to link to her private blog without her permission so there you have it.


Just Passing Through said...

I have an idea - when you open your bakery/catering/mail order business I think you should hire me. I am an experienced clean up artist (better known as a custodian), I kinda enjoy doing dishes, and I'm pretty good at packing things to mail. I could do all the things you DON"T like to do. ?

Just Passing Through said...

Oh yeah, and I'm great at bookkeeping and accounting.

Shannon said...

Let's do it! Would I have to move to Colorado though....?

Laurie said...

You're a sweetie, Shannon! I knew that, but I didn't know about the "hair thing"! (I'm trying to think about what my "thing" is... if I were to choose just one! ;)