Friday, September 24, 2010


What a busy week it has been! It's that time of year when work is definitely a little overwhelming as we gear up for parent teacher conferences. I haven't had very much energy left for blogging by the time the night is over. Also, I've been battling a headache since Wednesday (I think due to all the time I'm spending in front of the computer at work) so I've basically just been vegging out and going to bed semi-early.

Raegan has taken a few more steps since Monday, but she's a smart girl and very aware that crawling gets her where she wants to be a lot faster still. There have been several times that she has let go of what she's been holding onto, taken a step or two, then dropped down sloooowly to the ground to take off crawling. When she gets in a couple steps she starts giggling like crazy, like she's saying, "Holy crap, holy crap, I'm doing this." She's getting a lot better at standing on her own, because I see her standing up against furniture without holding onto it, and standing alone for a couple seconds without dropping.

Raegan has gotten into a bad habit of waking up around 4:00 every morning this week. She's none too pleased when I change her diaper and put her back in her crib, but we're not going backwards to nursing in the middle of the night again. Hopefully she'll break this soon and we can go back to full nights of sleep.

Today while her and I were coming home from the store I had to pull over because she had pulled one arm completely out of her carseat strap. I put her all back together then got back in and took off. Raegan assumed I was letting her out, and she was none too pleased with me. She would say, "Mama" then growl (and not her growl to be funny - her angry growl!) She was making it pretty clear what she thought of me! lol

Zane is doing a great job of getting himself up and moving every morning before school. He doesn't poke around hardly at all anymore, which is good, because now that I have to get myself and Raegan both ready I don't have time to prod him anymore. I guess he makes up for it by poking around when it comes time to do his homework after school! And he may not be a fan of practicing his trumpet, but he sure is getting really good at it. Next month we start doing fundraisers for his high school field trip to Disney World (assuming he stays in band that long). The director said the trip is very pricey and even 6th graders should think about participating in fundraisers, so we'll be selling cookie dough, etc. next month.

I have only a few pictures to share. See above where I talk about being so busy. :)

Did I mention that Raegan is a big girl facing forward now?

She loves watermelon!

My belly!

If we leave water in Raegan's water table, Radar will drink out of it. (The picture is a little fuzzy because Luke had to take it through the screen window. Radar runs off if you open the back door like it's this big awful thing he's doing!)

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Olivia Arlene said...

Yay for the big girl seat! I always like that :-) I think the kids do too. It must boring to look at a seat for the first year...