Saturday, September 18, 2010

Soccer game #2

Zane's game this morning also ended in a tie of 1-1. Obviously Parks and Rec does a good job of splitting the teams up evenly!His team scored their goal very late on in the second half, so we were starting to get a little nervous. :)

Daddy keeping Her Majesty entertained during the game.

Big hair! lol

Another set of kick shots....


Have I mentioned yet how much I love our new camera? I love being able to get good action shots of Zane - some of the running ones look like his feet are never touching the ground.


Olivia Arlene said...

Didn't his 1st game tie too? Do they do a rematch or just leave it at that? That's pretty neat that they are all so evenly matched!

Shannon said...

They just leave it at a tie. I assume at some point in soccer (high school? college?) you can't tie, and they have some kind of overtime, but with YMCA and Parks and Rec they just leave it at a tie. Parks and Rec does a skills assessment before practices start so that they can make the teams fairly even in ability. They did the same thing when Zane played basketball. It's a nice change from YMCA, where teams were formed by school and there were always a couple teams that were WAAAAAAAYYYYY better than everyone else. Zane's team was never one of those better teams. lol

Just Passing Through said...

Shannon, I LOVE your camera. These photos are awesome!

Laurie said...

Great pics! Way to go Zane!
(Which camera did you buy? We're lookin.)