Monday, September 6, 2010

Zane's poem

Here's the bio poem that Zane had to do in school a couple weeks ago. He got an A+ on it, which means I'm not just biased and it's truly awesome! :) I wish I could figure out a way to load his Power Point about himself that he did last week. It's better than anything I ever could have done. Seriously.

Since you probably can't read it very well, here's what it says:
awesome, funny, smart
sibling of Raegan
who loves family, friends, and animals
who likes tigers, wolfs, and popcorn
who fears snakes, spiders, and college
who gets angry when some one takes my stuff,
when people are mean to animals, and when people
are mean to my cousin
who hopes to go to college, to be a Zoologest,
and get through middle school
Resident of 1200 E Ellsworth


Just Passing Through said...

good work!!! I thought this was very inciteful.
I immediately noticed that "sibling of Raegan" was near the top of the poem - yep, those two are tight.
For some reason I got a little choked up about "gets angry. . . when people are mean to my cousin". I'm proud of him for that. But then I turned around and laughed that he lumped college, zoologist, and getting through middle school all together. Zane is one gret kid!!

Olivia Arlene said...

Aw, I like it! He's quite the artist too!