Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Boo on you Blogger!

Could someone tell me why Blogger's video uploader isn't working? Bah! I have this really cute video of Raegan torturing petting Radar, and I've been trying since last night to get it up and it will not load. So instead, I'll just blather on for a couple minutes, then post a couple random pictures.

Tooth #7 is slowly making it's way in on the bottom, second to the left. You can see the white bud right now, but I would expect it to poke through soon. I wondered if Raegan wasn't going to have another one come through soon by the way she was chewing on her finger all weekend.

Raegan adores peek-a-boo. First I cover myself with the blanket and she pulls it off, then I cover her and I pull it off. After doing it a couple times, she will put the blanket up against her own face after she pulls it off me, like she's telling me it's her turn. And she'll get real still and just giggle while she's waiting for me to pull the blanket off her. We did it for a good five minutes tonight, and it's just so much fun!

Yesterday was a horrendous day at work. Since this is a public blog, I can't really say anything, but trust me that it sucked. After we got home Zane was doing his homework and Raegan was sitting in her high chair eating a snack. I kind of leaned my face against the tray of her chair and she started feeding me some of her puffs. Not my favorite food by far, but she thought it was hilarious and who can resist that? Then we went out on the deck and played with the water table for awhile and played on the trampoline. Definitely a much better way to end the day.

Zane had his first playing test in band last Friday. They have to individually play a piece that the whole band has been practicing. In front of the director and the whole band. Yikes! Zane brought home his scoring sheet today, and he got a 100%! Awesome!!! He also got progress reports for three of his classes today, and he has A's in all three of them. He has a 99.14 in social studies. Good grief! :) But then on the other hand, he has a bunch of assignments missing in art because he failed to tell us he needs a specific type of folder to turn things in with. Sometimes, that boy....

Okay, a couple pictures: Never mind. Apparently there is something wrong with all of Blogger's uploading, so no videos and no pictures from me tonight. :(


Just Passing Through said...

Sorry work sucked the other day. You did, however, reinforce my comment that I made on facebook that "the hugs, sloppy kisses, giggles, and funny faces of a truly special one-year-old are the best therapy there is".

Olivia Arlene said...

I usually just upload pictures on youtube and then put them on my blog. I don't have much luck with blogger's video uploader. Sorry you had a crappy day and then a crappy blog moment. Not fun.

Way to go Zane! Hopefully he will start remembering to tell you specifics lol! ;-)