Sunday, June 9, 2013

Colorado Vacation, Day Two - Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

After lunch at The Mason Jar (one of our favorite restaurants, and one that I remember well from childhood vacations to Colorado!) we headed to the zoo in Colorado Springs. All I really remembered of it from my childhood was that it was on the side of a mountain and a lot of walking. I may or may not have kept that information to myself to convince everyone that we should go. :)

The first exhibit we visited was the giraffes. It was awesome! We didn't buy anything to feed the giraffes, but they still came right up to us to check for food.

I just took this picture to show how long their tongues are. Ewwwww!

No zoom - this is how close they were getting to us.

Photobomb #3

A small play area that we stopped in for a few minutes.

I really liked the reptile exhibit (not something I usually say about the reptile house!) All of the reptile habitats were arranged like works of art, with plants or beads or sculptures. It was pretty cool.

"BIG CHAIR! Take my picture, Mama!" :)

The cutest baby to ever hatch out of an egg :)

Raegan posed this way entirely on her own. Is she picture perfect or what?

Brave girl petting a snake (while holding Daddy's hand)

Raegan entertained herself for the last half hour or so of the zoo by reading the map. It was pretty cute.

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