Monday, June 3, 2013

Colorado Vacation, Day One

I decided to break up the pictures of our vacation into a few posts, because I took a lot of pictures. A lot. I thought I took a lot when Luke and I went last October, but it's funny how many more you take when you have this super cute subject to take pictures of. :)

We left bright and early Thursday morning. My goal was to get out by 8:00 and we were on the road a little after 8:30, so I was really pleased. Raegan did a fantastic job on the trip there. Every year she gets a lot better at long trips. If my husband could handle it, I would say we should try a trip to the Grand Canyon or Mount Rushmore in a few years. She played very nicely with her toys until after lunch in Colby, then we hooked up our new in car DVD player. Raegan's amazement at having a TV IN THE CAR was hilarious!

We reached Woodland Park about 3:30, which was even better than I had hoped for. We dropped off our stuff and then headed back to Manitou Springs to introduce the kids to the outdoor arcade and penny arcade downtown. Most of the games there are super old school, and there isn't much there that's over 50 cents. If you go into the penny arcade there are games that are a penny, and many that are 5 or 10 cents. We had a lot of fun playing various games, and Raegan loved riding as many rides as we would let her. Most of them were a quater, so she got to ride plenty.

Raegan loved all the rides. She was so excited! (Notice Zane photobombing in the background? He kept doing it on purpose the whole trip. I told him I'm going to make a scrapbook called "Zane's Photobombs - Colorado Edition. hahaha)

Daddy teaching Raegan how to play Skeeball. She doesn't have quite the arm power yet, but we'll get her there.

Mommy played quite a few games herself. :)

Zane said something to provoke her at the exact instant I took this picture. Love the look on her face!

After playing games we walked the downtown for a little while. When Raegan started getting a little (or a lot!) fussy, we realized it was getting kind of late by Kansas time and went to dinner. The first picture is from before supper, the second and third picture after. Food makes quite a difference in Raegan's temperament! We ate at Hell's Kitchen Pizza, which Luke and I discovered last fall when we went. It's fantastic, and pretty decently priced too.

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Fun times and awesome memory making!