Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Colorado Vacation, Day Two - Cave of the Winds

We started off bright and early Friday morning with a trip to Cave of the Winds. This was a place Luke and I wanted to go to on our trip out last fall, but we simply ran out of time. We really enjoyed it a lot with the kids, but honestly, it would have gone better if Raegan were a little older. She liked looking around in the caves, but she got bored a lot quicker than we did. Just a tip for anyone with small children.

Even though we promised Raegan up, down and sideways that there were no bears in the cave, she kept calling it "The Bear Caves". So we thought it was pretty funny that there was a statue of a bear right at the entrance. :)

While we waited for our tour, Zane and I played a game where you had to hit disks as they lit up. It was onlky a minute long, but it felt like forever when you were going as fast as possible. Zane and I were wore out by the time we were done. Raegan joined in the fun, and even managed to hit a few lights.

There was a wooden maze for kids to give them an idea of what spelunking in a cave is like. It was recommended for ages 4 and up, but Raegan figured it out pretty quickly, and ended up going through 4 times.

Photobombed again!

The writing on the monument says that it's to be opened in 2081, but it didn't say what was in there. Very interesting to me....

The pictures really don't do it justice.

These formations are called bacon rocks. Luke and Zane sure liked that. If you look at the one on the right, it's broken. Our tour guide said that it hadn't been broken the week before, but they noticed it after a few tours the previous weekend. People sure are jerks sometimes. :(

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