Sunday, June 9, 2013

Colorado Vacation, Day Three - Garden of the Gods

Warning: this post has a lot of pictures in it. A LOT. I couldn't help it - Garden of the Gods is so beautiful. That, and Raegan was basically a mountain goat while we were there, and it was really funny to see.

I was afraid that it might rain on us at first, but it never did. It was just a cool, cloudy, perfect Colorado day.

There was no parking in the main lot (that's what you get on a Saturday in the summer, I suppose) so we had to walk over to the main area. It was quite a walk, but Raegan was a trooper.

But she did get tired towards the end of our walk.

Zoomed in to get this one!

Thoughtful pose

Selfie :)

I love these two pictures so much. Best. Photobombs. Ever.

Raegan was determined that she was going to go everywhere Zane did

Love this picture too!

Don't worry - Raegan had some help getting up there with Zane.


It was such a fantastic vacation. They get more fun every year, as Raegan gets older and is able to handle more and enjoy all of the activities. I can't wait until next year!

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