Sunday, June 9, 2013

Colorado Vacation, Day Three - Dinosaur Resource Center

Saturday morning we decided to try another new activity - the Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center. Not all of the skeletons inside were real, but some pieces were. I was really excited, because I don't think that I've ever seen (or touched) actual dinosaur bones before. It wasn't very big, but I would say we were there at least an hour. And without the family, I would have been there longer reading every sign thoroughly. :)

The mass inside this prehistoric fish's skeleton is the remains of his last meal. Very cool!

Pretending to be paleontologists

Making a dinosaur out of magnetic pieces

Raegan's dinosaur

I am so glad all of these prehistoric fish are extinct. They creep me out big time.

Just a portion of an ultrasaur's leg bone. Yikes!

Note that Raegan never took her sunglasses off once. They were her souvenir from the zoo. She is crazy about them.

Raegan was fascinated with the video about digging up and preserving fossils.

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