Monday, March 21, 2011

Tanganyika Wildlife

I took the kids on our annual Spring Break Trip today. We did end up going to Tanganyika Wildlife, and we really liked it. It's much smaller than a zoo (I think there was maybe 30 exhibits) but a lot of it is interactive, so you are right there with the animals. There were many animals that you could feed, but at $1-$2 a feeding, we skipped all of them except for the lemurs. If you had several children and wanted to give them every opportunity, you could end up spending a good chunk of change there. We spent $19 on our admission (we rounded up to an even $19 to donate some change to the cheetah exhibit they are building) and $2 for Zane to feed the lemurs (one freakin' berry, btw - they have quite the racket going there for sure!) It was a little windy, but warm and a very nice day for a trip to the zoo. Afterwards we had lunch at Spangles and saw the owner/manager/whatever she is from the commercials. True fact. We also went to Toys 'R Us so that Zane could drool over toys he didn't *quite* have enough money saved up for, and got ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery before we came home. It was a great day!

My camera is barely zoomed here. The giraffes were seriously that close.

You can't see very well, but these are baby lemurs in the nursery. We also saw a rabbit that was almost as big as our beagle. I'm not lying - ask Zane! :)

I was really surprised that this lorikeet landed on my shoulder since we didn't have anything to feed them.

Zane took this picture 2 seconds before a second bird landed on me. Raegan thought it was pretty funny!

I think she looks like her Daddy in this picture with that look on her face. I get that look from him sometimes. :)

Look Mama!

Zane and I both decided that we want a red panda.

We were told that we could pet the kangaroos if they came up to us, but we had to stay on the sidewalk. They were all lazing about, so we didn't get to pet any, but it was really cool to see them all so up close. Raegan waved and told most of them "hi!" as we walked through the exhibit.

You had to feed the tortoises lettuce attached to a clothespin so they didn't bite your hand. I thought that was funny.

The penguins were super friendly with their keeper. The females kept snuggling up to her and trying to get in her lap.

Doesn't that lemur look psycho?!

Some people got the lemurs to sit on them, but we only had one berry, so Zane had no such luck. He did get pretty close to it though.

We were worried Raegan was going to try to pet it/smack it like she does Daisy (and we were told not to pet the lemurs) but she did really good.

She was super excited to be so close to so many animals!

Zane even napped on the way home....

And of course Raegan did too!


Olivia Arlene said...

Looks like you are all enjoying your Spring break!

I'm afraid it's going to be a HOT Summer as warm as it is already this early into Spring!

Shannon said...

I hope not! I would much rather be cold than hot. The only thing that makes me prefer summer over winter is that I don't have to worry about road conditions in the summer. But I just hate sweating!