Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas with the Kelleys

Okay, this marks the last Christmas picture post that I will be making for 2010. :) My goal for today is to get pictures deleted off of my camera, and maybe even print some off. I would like to change out the pictures in the frame in our living room (the most recent one in there is from the summer!), and FINALLY get around to filling this cute frame I have for Raegan's room and get it hung. We'll see. I don't really feel like going to Walmart this soon after Christmas, so I might wait until later in the week.

Waiting to open presents

Dresses from Granny and Grandpa

Khloe opening her present from Granny and Grandpa

Zac and his family (minus Ryan, who was being held by Grandpa)

Zane got books about Greece and Rome from my parents

Helping Ryan open his gift from us

Raegan opening her dolly from Khloe

Raegan really got the hand of opening presents, and helped me open the crockpot my parents gave us

All the grandkids!

Well, according to Google, I am out of storage for photos on this blog. I seem to remember that happening to someone else's blog that I read. Yes? Is there any way to add pictures without having to pay for extra storage? 

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Olivia Arlene said...

I think the only way to add more pictures is to delete some from your picasa web albums or to pay for more. I had to delete some pictures, but I've been doing a lot more collages now so that saves space. I don't know what else to do...maybe when you post pictures make them smaller?