Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day with Luke's family

Christmas Day with Luke's family was fun, but a little overwhelming. As always, we had about 20 people there, and that much noise in a small space is kind of chaotic. Present opening was insane - I'm amazed we even got any pictures of it. Afterwards we went home so that Raegan could take a nap, then went bowling with most of the family. I think this is the third year we've gone bowling, and it's a tradition that I love!

One of our gifts from Luke's parents was a bunch of meat from the Glasco Meat Locker. Yum!
Raegan got a phone from her cousin Jacy
Baby Jacy tries to open her present

Zane's aunt Robin got him a "Hobo Tool" :)
Raegan likes her phone!

Zane examining the Halo set he got with his Uncle Waylon
Jacy loved her Pillow Pet
Hmmmm, who should I call first?
After the present opening chaos
Raegan thought for sure that these balls were like her new one at home!
Mommy trying to take an artsy shot hahaha
Zane's thoughtful pose
Action shot
Raegan managed to keep herself pretty entertained, even without bowling
The lighting on this picture was too bright, so I just messed around with the colors a little.
I think it looks kinda cool.
We left the high chair over at Kent and Sharron's, so we had to give Raegan a "Redneck High Chair" for dinner. :D

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