Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Morning

The tree on Christmas Eve before Santa delivered his gifts
The stockings were hung by the...uh, stairwell with care :)
Raegan got a trike from Santa
Zane got a mountain bike from Santa
Posing with the new gifties!
Checking out the stocking
Raegan was SO excited about the book and crayons in her stocking
Zane got Raegan a bouncy ball

As you can see from the video, Raegan also LOVED her ball!

Luke and I got Zane a heated blanket for his bed
Raegan kind of got the hang of the unwrapping thing
Our other gift to Zane was Halo Reach. I think he *might* have liked it!
I do *what* with this instrument?!
Ooooh, I see now!
Raegan's first ever piece of candy. She sucked on it for about a minute. I think it got too strong for her because she made a face and handed it back to me.
Christmas morning can sure wear a girl out!
Next up is pictures of Christmas Day presents with Luke's family, and bowling (as is our yearly tradition with the Jones/Bowles clan).

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