Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve

As usual, I took waaaaaaay too many pictures this Christmas. So this post is just from our own family's Christmas Eve last night. We ended up going to look at Christmas lights, eating sub sandwiches, watching A Garfield Christmas, and then Despicable Me after Raegan went to bed. Zane's mom brought him back a little before 6:00 last night, so he was able to do everything with us, which was really nice.

Zane enjoying a little sub sandwich goodness

Being silly with Dada

More sillytimes!

Raegan was wound UP last night!

Showing off one of the movies we were watching

A Garfield Christmas! (The networks took it off TV years ago, and it's my favorite from my childhood, so I bought it on Amazon or somewhere like that a couple years back)

Raegan still doesn't ACTUALLY watch television (which is really just fine by me!)

And finally, I leave you with a video of Raegan showing off some more of her increasing language skills. We taught her to say "ho ho ho" when we got out the stuffed Santa the night we decorated the tree. And for whatever reason, this is the week that she decided that signing is AWESOME and WONDERFUL. She is so stinkin' proud of her ability to sign and get what she wants. She also does milk, which isn't shown in the video.

More pictures to come, but right now I need to go cut summer sausage and cheese and make apple salad for Christmas with my folks tomorrow. I hope you all had as wonderful and memorable of a holiday as our family did. 

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