Saturday, May 3, 2014

Update on the girls

Ava's 2 month check up was on April 24th. She was 9 lbs 12 oz (10 percentile for weight) and 23 1/2 inches (50th percentile for height.) Just like big sister was, and still is - tall and skinny. Doctor said she's not worried about her weight because she was 5th percentile at her 2 week appointment, so she's slowly moving up the curve. We know she has reflux, and we know that I have slow gaining babies. And Ava is alert and meeting milestones, so we'll just continue on with breastfeeding and she'll grow at her own pace.

I've been so blessed to have two amazing doctors when the girls are babies (Raegan's pediatrician was the best, but sadly she passed away when Raegan was 4 months old). It's so wonderful to have a doctor that understands breastfeeding and how breastfed babies gain weight, and who doesn't push formula on us. It's really important to me to have exclusively breastfed babies, and it helps to have a supportive doctor.

Ava has really just come alive in the last two weeks. She's started putting her hands in her mouth a lot, with a little bit of thumb sucking. She's starting trying to swat at and kick the toys in her play mat, and she looks at and tries to reach for the toy on her carseat handle. She smiles all the time, and we're starting get a lot of little "heh heh" laughs with her smiles. It's funny because sometimes she'll be upset (either tired or upset tummy) and she'll be mid fuss and make eye contact with one of us and start smiling. She'll smile real big then start fussing again during her smile. It makes me laugh every time.

Ava loves Big Sis and watches Raegan all the time. It takes me back to when Raegan was a baby and used to watch Zane all the time. Zane is really good with Ava too. He's such a good big brother.

Raegan is doing amazing with reading. She finished all of the beginning reader books at school and is able to read simple sentence books. She's starting to write a lot more, and will try to write out words with inventive spelling. It's really cute, and I know from my job that she's making progress in her writing development. I'm excited to see how far she goes next year doing kindergarten at Montessori school. The fact that she's staying at her school for kindergarten has helped keep all my feels about her going to kindergarten at bay. It's not quite as much, "Oh my baby!" as I think it would be if we were going to kindergarten round up and enrolling her in public school.

The egress window is FINALLY in, and Luke started painting this weekend. I'm hoping that by the end of the month we have all of the kids moved to their new rooms and there can be some order in the house again. I think that we could probably put Ava in her crib for at least part of the night once that room is hers, but I'm just not ready for that yet. She's doing a fantastic job of sleeping about half the night in her cradle in our room (something Raegan never did!) and she's so little still that I like having her close to me. Plus, I kind of like listening to her little snores and wuffles before I fall asleep at night. :)

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