Saturday, May 24, 2014


I have become totally obsessed with babywearing. Oh my goodness. Why didn't I do this with Raegan? Actually, I did have a sling when Raegan was tiny, but it hurt my back so I barely used it. Thank God too, because they've since been recalled due to infant death while using them. I had that exact same one picture in the link too. I've never been more thankful that pregnancy gives me such a weak back and core. :)

But babywearing with good quality wraps and carriers? Magic. Pure magic. A friend of mine sent me her Moby Wrap and once I figured it out, it was amazing. Perfect for a tiny new little squishy that just wants to be on her mama all the time. The website says that you can use a Moby up to 35 pounds, but I cannot see how that is possible (neither can anyone else in the babywearing world, from what I've read!). Already at 11 pounds Ava is almost too heavy for it. The stretchiness makes it a great wrap to learn with, but the passes don't hold very well because of that same stretchiness.

About a month ago I purchased a Baby Hawk Mei Tai off of the Babywearing on a Budget page on Facebook. (Side note: this page and The Babywearing Swap are addictive. I limit myself to only looking at them for a few minutes each time I nurse. It's a rabbit hole, I tell you.) I got a really good price on my MT, and it's as good as new. I love it. Loooooove it. I'm curious to see how it holds up once Ava is a toddler, and I'm eager to try a back carry with it, but for now I am super happy with it with the front carry. It was a much easier learning curve than the Moby (seriously, Ava and I were both in tears the first few times I tried her in the Moby) and it doesn't sag hardly at all. The back panel comes up high enough that I don't worry about her head flopping at all, and she was starting to hate me tucking her head into one of the pockets of the Moby. I really want to find some material that contrasts well with it so I can make some strap protectors, because Ava already loves to suck on the side straps. I can't see me wanting to sell it anytime soon, but I would like to keep it in good condition and not have to wash it constantly.

Next up I'm going to get a woven wrap. Oh, if only we had money so I could Buy All The Wraps.

There are so many options. So, so many. I've decided that since we don't have All The Money I can't buy them all, so I'm going to get one of each. Meaning, one Mei Tai, one ring sling, one soft structured carrier (preferably a Tula) and one woven. Actually, I've decided it's completely acceptable for me to get two wovens, because I need a shorty too. HA! Justification, thou art my friend. :) So here's the long wrap I desperately, desperately want:
Erna im Wunderland  = one true love
This wrap. Oh, this wrap. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. I really really hope that it's as beautiful and vibrant in person as it is on screen. I have someone to buy it from, so it will be mine soon. I am going to be crushed if it's not All That. What I really want to do is wrap with it for like a year then send it off to be converted into a Tula-type carrier. With ears. ;)
So yeah, babywearing. It's my jam. And Raegan really likes it because it means she gets to ride in the stroller. Silly girl.

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