Sunday, November 20, 2011

Parade of Lights

This was the first year that I decided to take Raegan to the Parade of Lights downtown. It's always really cold out, and I just felt like she was too little the past two years. Raegan has just recently realized that parades are made of awesomeness, so I felt like she would be able to enjoy it even if she were kind of cold.

Kind of cold is a bit of an understatement. It was freeeeeezing. We actually didn't stay for the whole thing, because about 40 minutes into it I realized that my fingers were starting to get numb inside my gloves, and I felt like that was enough for Raegan. She really did enjoy herself though. While we were waiting for it to start (because Salina parades never start on time - truefax) she wasn't very smiley, but she got pretty excited as soon as the floats started going by. She's got the concept of CANDY! at a parade down, but I've been working really hard on making sure she says thank you to people who directly hand her candy. We were standing next to an older couple who didn't want any candy, and they kept passing candy that landed in their direction over to Raegan. I had both coat pockets stuffed full by the time we left. So Zane will be enjoying a good bit of the spoils from this parade! :)

Looking a little sad waiting for the parade to start

Twirlers with fire batons - very cool looking!

When I took this picture she was saying, "I got more candy, Mama!" Very exciting!

I wish the Christmas lights would show up better in my pictures

Raegan did a pretty good job of staying behind the tape, except for if there was candy laying out there. I had to snap her back a couple times.

Raegan loves parades!

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