Friday, August 5, 2011

Top Five Things I Love

So this post is inspired by Kim, my college roommate from my freshman year. I think she does Top Five posts every Friday (if you read this, correct me if I'm wrong about that, Kim!) and I liked the theme of this one, so I decided to yank it. While copyrighting her, naturally. :) So without further ado, the Top Five things I am really into right now (in no particular order).

1. Mike's Hard Lemonade (Black Cherry flavor). Does it make me an alkie that this is first on my list? Please note that I did say, "in no particular order". It tastes like cherry kool-aid. Just a loooooot better. I don't enjoy one very often, because they're empty calories (and I'm not a very big drinker), but I do like the taste.

2. The Sims 2. I love this game and have for years. I go through spurts where I really enjoy playing it, then I stop for quite some time. I think the last time I really was into playing it was maybe January or February of this year, so it must have been time to cycle back through liking it again. I actually don't care very much about playing the people through their lives. I just like building and decorating houses and apartments. My husband thinks it's really boring and he doesn't get how I can play it, but I don't get how he can shoot stuff in video games. So to each his own. :)

3. Jewelry. I was originally going to say long necklaces, but then I realized that I'm really into bracelets right now too, so I just put jewelry as one big category. I've loved bracelets for quite some time now, every since I bought this lovely turquoise and bright blue one when we were in Cancun. I've started buying long necklaces recently, especially since I discovered that Cato's has really affordable jewelry. So yeah. Really into jewelry right now. I'm excited to mix and match everything I've bought this summer once I go back to work next week. (I guess I have to find something to be excited about in going back to work, right?)

4. Hawaiian Coconut lotion from Bath and Body Works. It makes me smell like I've been tanning, but without that hot sweaty smell. And you know. Skin cancer. lol Sadly it was a summer only scent, and I was not smart enough to buy more than one bottle. I'm holding out hope that it will show up in the semi annual sale after Christmas, or at least again next summer. I've been using it very sparingly lately so that it will last a while longer.

5. Hanging pictures. I finally got around to hanging my diplomas and the picture of me in my cap and gown from my graduation last May. I also changed out some pictures in the frames in my office, and if I can remember I'm finally (3 years later!) going to buy a frame for the picture I got from swimming with dolphins in Cancun. I spent several of Raegan's naps this week cleaning and organizing my computer room in the basement, and part of that included putting up pictures. I love being down in my little "office" now. It's so homey and organized.


kim! said...

nice shannon! I guess I don't make it every single friday...
I also love mike's. I know that is kind of ridiculous. but my favorite by far is the lime. there is nothing better.
and I too love jewelry. it has only been a fairly recent thing that I have learned how to wear it.

Tabatha said...

I can't believe summer is over! And I'm jealous you swam with dolphins. I really want to do that!
You can try commenting on my blog again, I played around with it. It's weird it wouldn't let you, because I can see the old comments from you on my blog...lemme know!