Friday, August 19, 2011

Puppy love

Raegan loves when my mother in law's poodle Jessie comes to visit us. A couple weeks ago my in laws went on vacation so we kept Jessie with us for 6 days. Raegan was in hog heaven! And today Jessie spent the day with us because my in laws went out of town from dawn to dusk. Raegan was at home with Luke today because daycare was closed, so the lucky girl got to spend the whole day with Jessie. :)

Raegan and I went to a garage sale this evening, and I ended up buying her two pairs of shoes and a dress. One of the pairs of shoes is a sparkly silver pair, which Raegan instantly fell in love with. She wanted to carry them out to the car and hold them on the ride home, and she told me, "Show Jessie shoe." Because obviously Jessie is so wonderful that she will love Raegan's new shoes as much as Raegan does. :)


Seeing Through New Eyes said...

Nothing like a pup to love. Can't wait to see her new shoes.

Laurie said...

Cute! I bet Jessie was excited about those sparkly shoes too!