Monday, August 22, 2011

Raegan's 2nd birthday party

We did Raegan's birthday party yesterday. Even though her birthday isn't until this Thursday, we did it over this last weekend because it's the weekend that Zane was here. :) All weekend long, whenever we asked Raegan what she wanted for her birthday, she always said, "Cake!" She seemed like she kind of understood what was going to happen, because Saturday night she asked me to sing "Happy Birthday" to her a bunch of times while we were singing and rocking before bed. At first she was kind of overwhelmed by all the people (21 people including all the kids!) but she got the hang of opening presents pretty quick. And she absolutely flipped out when she opened the lift the flap Sesame Street book that Luke and I got her. She was like laughing hysterically and kept saying, "Abby! Elmo! Big Bird!!!"

Some of the pictures are a little blurry because the lighting in my basement always messes up pictures. I posted some of the slightly blurry ones anyways just because Raegan looked so happy in them!

Reading a card from Great Grandma Marie

Yay! A book!!!

A laptop from Granny and Papa J.

So happy!!

Something must have been funny.... :D

Raegan was super excited that Luke and I got her a little stuffed Abby to go with her Elmo and Cookie Monster.

Who's that crazy person opening presents with Raegan? lol

Elmo!! Do you see the kind of handprint off to the right side of Elmo's smile. When we slid the cake in Raegan's general direction, she immediately stuck her hand in it. It was hilarious!

Oh yeah....

The sugar is starting to hit her now....

Apparently Mommy had a lot of sugar too.

Raegan was super excited to play with her cousins Khloe and Koen. She kept calling Koen "Khloe" which was cracking me up!

Do you see Zane opening Raegan's wooden cookie set? Him and Keenan were O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D with it. They were like super excited about it, and even went so far as to go bake a set of cookies in Raegan's play oven. :)

Raegan and Granny J checking out her jewelry box.

More to do with the cookies....

Raegan LOVES her vaccuum cleaner! Today as soon as we got home from daycare she said, "I daccuum?"

Again with the crazy eyes. I don't know what I was doing! lol

Silly girl!

Baby Ryan

Raegan looooves Baby Ryan!


Olivia said...

Aw! Happy early birthday Raegan!

call_me_ps said...

Looks like a great time!

I just cannot get over how much Rae looks like you. She is definitely your girl!

Also, the girls have that cookie set and oh man do they love it. They got it 2 or 3 years ago for Christmas and they still play with it all the time. They used to pretend to bake cookies but since we no longer have the kitchen set, now they mostly just pretend to decorate them and then serve them when they have their tea parties. It's a great toy. They have a birthday cake one too that the girls also enjoy. :-)

Laurie said...

Happy birthday, dear Reagan!!!

TAB said...

Sweet Birthday blessings to Raegan!