Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy Second Birthday

Dear Raegan,
Happy 2nd Birthday! It still blows my mind that you are growing up so quickly. It just doesn't seem like it's been two years since I first laid eyes on you, first held you and kissed your beautiful face. I feel like if I turn around for too long, I'm going to turn back and find a teenager in your place. As eager as I am to see what you are going to do next, I do wish that I could just stop time and enjoy where you are at now for many months before we move on.

Your second year has been full of as many changes as your first was. You've gone from walking to running to dancing. You love to dance so much right now. Most afternoons when we get home from work and child care, you point to the television and ask me, "Moosic Mommy?" because you love dancing to the music channels on the digital cable. You also love singing, and grace us with your beautiful versions of songs daily. I love the way you sing "Open, Shut Them": "O-poo, shut dem, O-poo, shut dem, Uh uh uh uh clap!" You are almost able to sing all the letters in ABCs, and I love hearing you sing Jesus Loves Me and Itsy Bitsy Spider. I love rocking and singing with you before bedtime. I also love saying prayers with you, because you are really starting to interact. Sometimes we talk to Jesus about things we did during the day, but mostly you like to say thank you for everything in your life: friends at daycare, goldfish for snack, and Elmo, to name a few.

You've become so polite and thoughtful. I love that you are already this way at such a young age. You are starting to say please and thank you without prompting a lot of the time, and I love hearing your little "Bless you" when someone burps or sneezes. You're starting to understand emotions, and your imitation of a sad face is adorable. I love your hugs and slobbery kisses, and I love that you always want "one more" before you can lay down in your crib to sleep.

Next year when I write this letter you will be getting ready to start preschool. Your late August birthday will always make you one of the very youngest in your class, but you are so smart and personable I think you will shine. I watched all the little 3 year olds walk into my class on the first day of school last week, and almost got teary thinking about how I would be walking you in to your class next year. My baby is not a baby anymore, which you frequently remind me of: "Raegan big girl!" Yes, yes you are little Mama.

I have such big dreams for you Raegan. I know that you are going to be something special, not just to me and your Daddy, but to the world. I can't way to see how your life unfolds. These first two years have been more than I could have ever hoped for, and I can't wait to see the rest.

I love you a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck.

13 months old

15 months old

16 months old

20 months old

22 months old

2 years old!!!


Olivia said...

Oh Shannon! That was so sweet!

Laurie said...

Birthday blessings for a blessed daughter of a loving Mommy (and family)!!
May God direct steps and hearts!

TAB said...

What a sweet little girl and a special letter to your dear daughter.
You're such a good mommy.

Tabatha said...

Awww, that mad me tear up!