Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lake fun!

Today was the first day that Raegan and I went out on the boat this year. Raegan was super excited about the lake when we drove up ("Wa wa? Wa wa!!!!") but she was a little iffy about the boat at first. I think she wanted to be in the water, not in the boat! We anchored and walked over to one of the beaches so that she could have some fun (and Mommy could not worry constantly about how deep the water was). At first, Raegan was all Miss Priss about the waves (just like last year) but Luke did some handstands underwater and snuck up on her to entertain her. Luke and I sat on the edge of the water for awhile and Raegan discovered that one of her favorite outdoor toys is also at the lake: rocks! THEN she was nothing but sunshine and smiles.

We drove around in the boat for awhile longer (which Raegan enjoyed much better this time around - we even heard a couple "wheeeee!"'s from her) then dropped anchor and ate lunch. It was pretty hot out and very sunny, so we decided to call it a day, because at that point we had been out for about two hours. I think because we put towels up to provide some shade, Raegan didn't end up burnt. My legs were pretty red, and my chest, which is ODD, because I put on sunscreen. My guess is that the breeze kind of blew it away while I was spraying it on. Who knows? I'm just glad she didn't get burnt. I'm slathering on lotion and aloe like a crazy person right now so that I don't peel. I hate peeling.

Here's The Big Cheese on the way to the lake. Love this girl so much!

Chilling out on the boat.

As soon as I pulled out the camera a second time, she started saying "Cheese! Cheese!"

Hot and tired, but having so much fun!


Seeing Through New Eyes said...

Just love that girl so much!

Seeing Through New Eyes said...

I have some after sun gel from Mary Kay that is AWESOME! You should get some from your sister-in-law for moments like this.

Olivia said...

Sounds like a great time! Cute little "Cheeser"!

Laurie said...

How could she help but smile! What a treat and a blessing!