Saturday, July 9, 2011

Branson, Day One

This year for our family vacation we went to Branson, Missouri. It was a lot of fun! We did so much and I took so many pictures that I think I'm going to break the vacation down by day so that this isn't the longest blog post ever.

We left bright and early Wednesday morning, after dropping Daisy off with Luke's mom. Raegan was really concerned about where Daisy went, and kept asking about her the whole trip. Raegan really did pretty well on the car ride, for being not quite two years oldthat is. She did get pretty fussy as we wound through Missouri, but she refused to take a nap, so that pretty much explains it. The drive through Missouri was very pretty. As we got further southeast, you could see a definite change in scenery from flat Kansas.

There are so many more hills and trees in that part of Missouri. It was just beautiful!

We went through a lot of rock walls where they were cut like steps. Very cool!

Raegan ended up falling asleep about 30 minutes out from Branson. She doesn't look very happy about it, does she? :)

We ate dinner at a burger place we love called Fuddruckers. This marks Raegan's first actual kids meal at a restaurant or fast food place. I always have just let her eat off my plate before.

After supper we walked across the parking lot to a bumper boat place.

If Raegan were old enough to be able to tell us what her favorite part of the vacation was, I'm guessing she would say the bumper boats. She just laughed and laughed the whole time she rode with me. She loved bumping into Zane and Luke and she didn't seem to mind getting wet all that much. Every time we drove past a bumper boat place along the main strip (and there were several of them), if she saw the place she would start saying "Boat? Boat?"

See how soaked she was afterwards? ;)

This is the outside of the Hollywood Wax Museum that we went to. The wax statues were really neat, but it was pretty pricey for what it was.

The Hoff!!

If only I could have had my picture taken with the real Harrison Ford. ;)


Olivia said...

Yay fun stuff! I'd like to go to Branson one of these days... Did you do a "package" deal?

Just Passing Through said...

Looking forward to day two. .. I wish there were bumper boats around here, cause this granny would love to take Miss Raegan.

Shannon said...

They do have some hotel/activities package deals, but we didn't go that route. The hotel I picked was actually cheaper than the package deal, and with us only being there for three days, we had to really cram everything in. No two day trip to Silver Dollar City for us! :)

Laurie said...

Oh Fudruckers! And Raegan's first Kid's Meal! What a big girl! We once visited (and paid too much for) that wax museum . Aren't wax folk kinda creepy and eerie and intriguing?