Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cleaning and organizing!

Lately I've really been in the mood to organize and clean. I finally got around to cleaning out under Raegan's bed, and either putting toys away downstairs or getting rid of ones that we don't want to keep. I've been avoiding her closet forever, because it had kind of become a storage place for a lot of things. But it was on my summer list (and my summer is sadly almost over!) so I knew I finally had to get crackin' on it.

I still have a huge pile of clothing that I need to sort through into give away and keep piles, but other than that Raegan's room is completely done! One of the things that I finally got rid of: hangers. Why I have felt the need to save what is apparently every.single.hanger. off of clothing I have purchased over the last two years, I have no idea.

Pretty bad, huh? :)


Olivia said...

LOL! I do the same thing! I actually have a bag of baby and kid hangers in the storage room!

Seeing Through New Eyes said...

Thank you for the great laugh you gave your dad over the hangers.

Laurie said...

Hangers! We used to call certain types of hangers "outlawed hangers"!