Sunday, July 10, 2011

Branson Vacation, Day Two

I had read online that the line of cars to get into Silver Dollar City can get kind of long and slow in the mornings, so our original plan was to be on the road by 8:30 (SDC opens at 9:30). Then, Raegan happened. She fell asleep alright in the hotel bed with me, but she was awake from 2:00 to 4:00 in the morning. She would be really quiet for a long time, then she would say, "Mama?" and start talking to me and messing with me. So we slept in a bit Thursday morning, thanks to her late night party. The kids and I also lingered over breakfast for awhile, because our hotel had the most fantastic breakfast. Eggs, bacon, biscuits and gravy, cereal, cinnamon rolls, muffins, yogurt, fruit... it was excellent! (If you ever go to Branson, I highly recomment the Holiday Inn Express on Green Mountain Rd. It was a wonderful stay!)

It was actually raining lightly when we got to SDC, so we walked around looking at everything for awhile. Eventually Zane and Luke found basically the only adult ride that was open (because of the weather) so they got in line for that and Raegan and I headed over to Half Dollar Holler. Raegan instantly fell in love with the caurosel. Over the course of the time that we wee there (from 10:30 to 5:00) we rode the caurosel eight times. There was also this fantastic climbing area. I got my workout climbing around after her, because she was too small to do anything by herself.

After Luke and Zane caught up with us, Zane went with Raegan in the tree house so that my knees could have a break!

Raegan was able to go on one "big person ride". Not this one, but another water ride where you could shoot water at people standing on the bridges and they could shoot back at you. We were all soaked by the time we were done, but it was a lot of fun. This picture is of Luke and Zane on the Lost River ride. They also got soakedon this one, but it was pretty warm out so it was a good thing!

Raegan and Zane up in the City Hall play area

This whole thing is a play area. Isn't that crazy?!!

Rare picture of my husband.... :D

While Luke and Zane went on some more roller coasters, Raegan and I went to the tented areas to play for awhile. She loves Legos, just like her big brother!

Right over by the Lego tent was a clogging show. As soon as the music started up, Raegan asked to go over and watch.

She was enthralled during the whole performance!

We let Raegan get a kitty from the Build a Bear they had in Half Dollar Holler.

She was super excited about her new kitty!!

One last ride on the caurosel!

After we left SDC, we stopped to get something to eat at Dairy Queen, then went to the Titanic Museum. This was something that I had put on the list of places we might possibly go as soon as I saw it. I've always been interested in the Titanic, and it sounded really neat. I don't have any pictures from the inside, because of copyright laws, but it was awesome. There were a ton of artifacts that have been recovered, and they recreated the grand stairway just like in the actual Titanic. You got a boarding pass at the beginning with an actual passenger's name, and at the end you could look to see if your passenger lived or not.

We thought these animals made out of branches outside the museum were really neat. :)


Olivia said...

Awesome!!! So much fun!!!

Laurie said...

Glad you could go! It's kinda weird/cool/eerie about the boarding passes...