Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day BBQ

May is always the month when I have family over for a BBQ. Two years ago, it was to celebrate my graduation with my masters, Zane's graduation from elementary school and Raegan's baptism. Last year, it was for Memorial Day, and then again this year for the holiday. I like having people over this time of year because we can all just go outside. I love our house, but our living room just isn't built for entertaining (kind of narrow and long - not a lot of room for furniture.) The weather yesterday was perfect - I couldn't have asked for a better afternoon/evening. It was about 80, and our tree in the backyard gave us a perfect shade cover. No wind, which is unusual for Kansas.

Ryan loved the trampoline and refused to get off!

Raegan was so happy to be jumping on the trampoline with the "big kids" :)

Three generations of Kelley men <3

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