Thursday, May 10, 2012

Funny words

Mispronounciations that Raegan makes right now that I just love:

Macaroni = "Rockaroni"

Pillow = "Polo"

Burrito is slowly evolving. It used to be "bayboo", which is why one of my nicknames for Raegan now is "Bay Boo Girl". Now it's "beeto" which always makes me chuckle.

Sophie (a little girl from church that Raegan adores and talks about all the time) = "Snuffy" This is by far my favorite mispronounciation. For the longest time I couldn't figure out who she was talking about when she mentioned Snuffy, but one Sunday morning it finally dawned on me. If I say, "You mean Sophie?" Raegan will reply, "Yeah, Snophie." :)

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TAB said...

These are adorable! I like the snuffy one too.