Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Summer is here!

Summer has finally arrived! I shouldn't say "finally" because this spring, and really this whole school year, went by very quickly for me. It felt much quicker than some school years. Fine by me!

Zane left last Thursday for his uncle's graduation from college (on his mom's side of the family) and then decided to stay some extra days at his mom's house. So Raegan and I have enjoyed a lot of special mommy daughter time so far this week. Yesterday we went to Rolling Hills Zoo, since our membership is set to expire this weekend. I think we will probably end of renewing it, because it's more than paid for itself this last year, but it was a good excuse to go out to the zoo. It was about 6-70 degrees and sunny with no wind when we were out there - a PERFECT day for the zoo. A lot of the animals were sleeping, but we did get to see one of the cheetahs pacing (and eyeballing Raegan like she was a tasty snack - creeeeepy!) and two of the rhinos were snorting/growling at each other. Raegan and I deemed them "grouchy".

Today Raegan and I went to the Exploration Place in Wichita. I've been wanting to take her there forever now, and we had some extra money so it seemed like as good a time as any. (Plus, I really wanted to take her before she turns 3, because right now she's still free. haha) I remember that Luke and I took Zane yeeears ago (like 6 or 7 years now I think), and I remembered a lot of the exhibits, but there were definitely some new areas. By far Raegan's favorite thing to do was the teeter totter. I was rather afraid of teeter totters growing up thanks to an EXPERIENCE I had with one when I was little (*cough cough*) but Raegan has no fear of heights and she kept coming back to it. There was also an area in the castle with play food, and Raegan loves to cook, so she prepared me a lovely meal.

Getting ready to leave town

She LOVED the teeter totter!

On tippy-toes

The play food in the castle was a big hit!

View of the castle area from up top

Working the simple machines

She HAD to fasten the seat belt before she would drive the tractor simulator that they had!

For whatever reason, Raegan LOVES snakes!

Prarie dog!

Trying to fish

One more turn on the teeter totter before we left!

No fear!

Raegan though this goose/plane was pretty cool

She wanted to try out all the different colored benches before we left. :)

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Seeing Through New Eyes said...

I am dying with envy....but so glad you got to enjoy each other.