Saturday, December 3, 2011

Decorating the Tree

This year, decorating the house for Christmas was a lot of fun because Raegan was really excited about it. Her favorite part was putting the tinsel on the tree. It's really cute, because every time she sees a Santa Claus decoration anywhere, she gets super excited, "Santa! Santa!" She obviously doesn't get the whole Santa/gift connection yet, but it's really cute that she's starting to get into it. :)

Raegan put all the sticky things on the door in one big glob. :)

TINSEL! Raegan kept saying, "More tinsel!"

Zane dressed Raegan up in the tree skirt. She thought it was pretty funny.


Olivia said...

Oh how cute! There is nothing better than a child's excitement at Christmastime :)

Laurie said...

Joy! Joy! Joy!