Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas at Home

For Christmas Eve, we kept it pretty low key this year. Since we weren't doing our traditional chili on Christmas Eve with my side of the family until Monday, we just kind of hung out on Saturday. We watched Rudolph and A Garfield Christmas and introduced Raegan to popcorn. She looooooved popcorn! :)

What can be better than A Garfield Christmas and popcorn?!!

Oh, Zane.

Snuggle times.

Christmas morning was really nice. Zane's mom didn't come to get him until 9:30, so we had plenty of time to open gifts and eat breakfast (I always make pancakes and bacon on Christmas morning). Raegan and Zane really enjoyed their gifts. Zane got a .22 rifle (he and Luke are really in to target shooting right now) and 9 months worth of subscription to XBox Live (so he can play video games with his friends, each at their own house), and various odds and ends in his stocking. Raegan got a Sesame Street playhouse, some extra figures for it, a huge Cookie Monster pillow, princess dresses (from Santa) and some puzzles, along with various odds and ends in her stocking. Raegan is really enjoying playing with her little Sesame Street figures a lot. It's super cute to hear her make them talk to each other. :)

One of the most exciting parts to me (dork!) is that we did not use our credit cards for Christmas for the second year in a row. And actually, as long as we don't have to pull out of savings before Luke gets paid next week, this will be our first year of paying Christmas 100% out of pocket without even dipping into savings. We started shopping back in October, and I am extremely proud of myself for this accomplishment! :)

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Olivia said...

Love the playhouse! Perfect for her to make believe! :)

Way to go on the Christmas spending! We started shopping clear back in July, so we were pretty pleased with ourselves too! It's nice to not be way in debt after Christmas!