Monday, May 23, 2011


Some new things that Raegan has been doing lately:

Whenever anyone in the family burps, she says "Excuse me." This is actually a phrase that she LOVES to use right now, because when she was walking past Daisy in the hallway over the weekend, she said, "Excuse me Daisy." Three word phrase FTW!

Raegan knows the sounds for all of the following animals: dog, cat, bear, bee, owl, cow, sheep, horse, lion, chick, and rooster. I love listening to her try to say "Cock a doodle doo." She doesn't oink for a pig, but she wrinkles up her nose if you ask her what a pig says. She's also crazy about birds right now. She's always looking out the window when we're in the car and going "cheep cheep" if she sees a bird. She was beyond excited about seeing birds flying around inside of Lowe's by the garden section tonight.

Raegan's also trying to jump. She still does this stutter step, but she's really working at it. I have a hilarious video to upload of her trying to jump. I'll try to get it up here this week. She's certainly gotten the hang of running, and she runs everywhere. She may need to go ten steps to the kitchen and she'll still run it. :)

On the downside, she's on kind of a sleep strike right now. She's still taking fantastically long naps, but she really resists going to bed at night. She's also stuck at waking up at 7:00 every single morning. Which *was* our school year schedule, after all, but I thought with how badly she's resisting bedtime that she would surely sleep even a half hour later in the morning. Not so much. Ah, the joys of almost two!

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