Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fun in the sprinkler

Today was our first really hot day of summer. It's quite a shock to get a 20 degree jump in just one day. Everyone and their brother was at the splash parks and the water park today, so we just got out the sprinkler in our backyard. Raegan wasn't too sure about it at first. She would run back and forth, but about five feet away from the sprinkler. Zane picked her up and ran her threw it for awhile and convinced her that it was a lot of fun. What an awesome big brother he is!

Okay, if I do it like this, I don't get very wet!

Best big brother!

Wait for me!

Water in my face, water in my face!!!!

Oh, okay, this is fun!

I'm not sure if this is a happy look or a "getting ready to get upset" look!

This one makes me laugh!

1 comment:

Olivia said...

I bet by the end of the Summer you won't be able to keep her away from the water! :)