Saturday, May 28, 2011

First Week of Summer, Part One

Our first week of summer is almost over, and boy did we have a lot of fun!

Wednesday morning, Raegan and I went to the zoo. Luke and I decided it would be worthwhile to go ahead and get a family membership for the year. It includes admission to the museum and the zoo, so we only need to go as a family 4 times for it to pay for itself. We're definitely wanting to go on Father's Day, because the zoo has a big car show on one of their open fields in the morning.

Raegan and I mostly stuck to the museum, which we had entirely to ourselves. They have this wonderful play room that we entertained ourselves in for quite some time. I had forgotten the stroller, so when we were done in the museum we only walked down to the petting zoo portion of the zoo. I would say the only downside of our zoo is that it's outside of town, so there's no turning back if you've forgotten something. :)

Wait, where's the stroller?!

At first she was a little hesitant about the museum, but when we started seeing birds she started to get into it.


We had the whole play room to ourselves!

Wide view of the play room. Isn't it nice?


After the zoo we brought Dada lunch. (No, I did not let her have a whole carton of french fries! lol)

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Olivia said...

I haven't been to Rolling Hills for a few years now. I want to go again now!