Saturday, April 14, 2012


For whatever reason, blogger will NOT let me sign in from a computer to update. So updating from my iPod means no photos and about five sentences worth of update. I'm going to try to contact blogger and if they can't get it resolved I'm just going to have to set up a new blog somewhere else. :(

Raegan is all set for preschool in the fall. She's enrolled at the Montessori preschool at Christ Cathedral Church. She will be going four mornings a week, so it will be a big change, but we are really excited about it. Her cognitive skills are growing by leaps and bounds every day. I'm pleased that we found somewhere that's four days a week so we can really stimulate her learning.

Zane is about halfway through track season and doing very well. He's placed in the 400 at his last two meets, and so far has been to all four meets that his team has been in. Not every child gets to go to every meet, so this means that he's running good times to qualify to go.

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