Friday, March 23, 2012

Sesame Street Live

Sesame Street Live was in Wichita earlier this month, so Raegan and I made the trip down Friday afternoon after I got off work. Luke was still in Colordado on his ski trip with his brothers, so it was a nice opportunity for some Mommy and Raegan time.

Before the show. I couldn't hardly get her to look in the direction of the camera she was so busy looking around at everything!

The look on Raegan's face when Bert and Ernie first came out and started talking. Made it worth every penny!!!

So funny!

Raegan loved clapping along with everyone else after every song

Raegan's favorite characters

This is what Raegan looked like when we got home at 9:30. :)


TAB said...

Fun!! I remember going to sesame street live when i was little!!

Olivia said...

Fun! I remember that too!

Laurie said...

I can remember going also! Fun! Raegans getting to be such a big girl!! She resembles her Mama!