Friday, April 20, 2012

Raegan's Car, Pt. 2

Not too long after we first fixed up Raegan's motorized car for her, we took it out to the old airport so that she could have lots of room to drive it around. She had so much fun with it. She was just laughing and laughing, and couldn't stop smiling.

Can't stop smiling!

It was a beautiful sunny day when we went

She had tons of room to drive!

Always with the mouth open when she's excited :)


Laurie said...

Fun in a mini car with wide open space! Try NOT to smile!!! ;) Wheee!

Shannon said...

Okay, just to garner a few brownie points I will have to remind her that Granny and Papa gave her her first car! LOL

Seeing Through New Eyes said...

Okay, the above comment was actually left by Granny while using Shannon's computer and not paying attention so it came up wrong